Does the Milky Way have a habitable zone like the solar system?

100 billion.

One hundred billion chances that our galaxy has habitable zones like the one occupied by planet Earth in the Solar System.

Our Milky Way, to which we belong. There are a hundred billion suns, stars like our Sun, most of which have planets around them. Whoever affirms that we are the only intelligent living beings in this present, is lacking reason, the most elementary and pure reasoning. It is certain that there are many other intelligent beings in the Milky Way galaxy.

Imagine a planet where its intelligent beings were like us. Add a very small detail: These living beings have not come to understand that energy is electromagnetic and lack the ability to convert wind kinetic energy into electromagnetic potential energy: At most they have been given by steam engines. It would seem that all citizens of the Milky Way are predisposed to deny the reality that surrounds them. It is very likely that they invented the printing press. But they don’t have electricity, They didn’t realize that all energy is propagated by electromagnetic waves 🙁 They must have geniuses telling them that light is propagated by very small spheres —they might even call them photons—absolute zero in conversion by means of a phenomenon of the Cosmos, such as induction. If intelligent life does not access the phenomenon that is electromagnetic induction, it is semi -intelligent in terms of technological knowledge.

If you do not discover, as a civilization, the secret to convert kinetic energy —of movement— into electromagnetic potential energy , they will never have the possibility of emitting or receiving any electromagnetic wave: They will simply think that they are alone in a Universe (which must be static, less their star system: —surely they think that the only thing that moves in the Universe is “their” star system. For now, for at least almost 14 billion years. ( Of course, since they die, their university must have been born and will surely die ).

When a civilization takes time to understand the phenomena thanks to which energy is conserved, and discovers that absolutely everything in the Universe moves to conserve energy, and believes that everything was born from a big explosion, then that civilization will be doomed forever nothing in telecommunications technology.

There is intelligence, but beings capable of realizing reality is something else.