If crocodiles never stop growing, why do we never see giant crocodiles?

Well, giant is quite a relative term, and we have been able to see specimens that fall into this category, like this one here:

Yes, it is quite impressive. But why don’t we see more like this?

The answer is that we can see them on the Sci Fi Channel, the channel for science fiction movies and series.

But why? If they don’t stop growing, we should be able to see more specimens, right?

Well, the most important thing to consider is the speed of growth. Many species of animals and plants never stop growing, but they stop so quickly.

To understand this, look at the graph:

Although growth does not stop, it obviously slows down a bit during the life of the crocodile. If the animal lived to be 100 years old, it would have grown to twice the size of when it was 30. So we can’t see whale-sized crocodiles unless we discover the secret of immortality, and even then, their speed of growth would slow down.