In Godzilla vs Kong, did Kong have any chance of winning?

Even if you don’t believe it, Godzilla won because of the script

Let’s go at the beginning, during the first meeting:

We have Godzilla in his natural area heading towards an anesthetized Kong and unable to move.

Also keep in mind that the ship Kong was on was the girl from skull island, so not only did he have to worry about saving her ass, he also had to be careful not to destroy the ship.

I don’t know about you, but it doesn’t seem like a fair battle to me.

Then we have the battle in Hong Kong

Godzilla is stronger and more resistant than Kong, and also has his atomic breath, but Kong surpasses him in intelligence and agility.

Here we can see Kong’s abilities in full splendor, he always finds a way to use everything around him as a weapon (trees, rocks, vehicles, remains of buildings), even without his ax he was able to beat him up to Godzilla.

But if Kong won, he would not be able to face Mechagodzilla

What’s going on? In case you didn’t know, Mechagodzilla was the conscience of Kevin, the 3rd Head of King Ghidorah

(Kevin is the one on the right in case you don’t know where you are: v)

Mechagodzilla wanted to take revenge on Godzilla for what happened in the previous movie so during the fight he was always looking to attack Godzilla and he didn’t listen to Kong until he saw that he couldn’t deal with Godzilla if he didn’t kill him first.

That being said Kong was only able to kill Mechagodzilla because he was distracted by Godzilla (and because of the help of the chubby guy)

But if the battle had been won by Kong from the beginning, he would be the one who would face Mechagodzilla, and if he barely could with the lizard, he would be less able to fight a mechanized lizard that fires a laser beam, missiles and has rocket boosters.

So for the writers it was much easier to give Godzilla the victory and for him to face Mechagodzilla with the help of Kong. If it hadn’t been for that, the battle would have been won by Kong.

But there is also another reason, the original fight was won by Kong so it wasn’t fair to goji that the ape beat him in 2 movies.