Is it possible that with our current technology we could build a Dyson sphere? And if we started building it now, how long would it take to finish it?

Before we think about what technology we could use, let’s look at the sizes of the Sun and the planets.

There in tiny is the Earth. Let’s imagine that the materials to build the Dyson sphere were taken from the Earth. Not even using all the mass of the Earth could we make the sphere. You would have to get materials from somewhere else. But, from where?

The Sun owns 99.9% of the mass of the solar system, and the amount of non-hydrogen matter in the solar system is tiny.

If we add to this that the temperatures near the Sun are counted in millions of degrees Celsius, we are talking about that to make a sphere that does not melt or burn, it must be a sphere with a diameter several times the diameter of the Sun, requiring more material, and must be made of materials resistant to temperature, which makes them even more scarce.

If the planets were made of butter, how much do you think they would cover if we spread them on the surface of the Sun?