Is it possible to destroy the moon with thousands of bombs or a nuclear bomb?

I’m going to start answering this question with this sentence:

“ I fear the day when technology surpasses our humanity; The world will only have one generation of idiots.”

Although it sounds crazy, it is something they planned in the mid-1950s, more than half a century ago, the Eisenhower administration had the ‘happy’ idea of ​​attacking the lunar surface under the pretext of demonstrating its military might against the Soviets.

At some point in the last century, someone looked up at the starry sky and saw the Moon as an enemy to beat. This satellite that has accompanied us since ancient times would be shot down, annihilated, torn to pieces. It was 1958 and the US Air Force assembled a team of experts to carry out this attack on the lunar surface. The plan, baptized as ‘Project A119’, would consist of bombing the satellite from a base located in Kirtland, the state of New Mexico.

This is stated in a report from June of the following year entitled ‘A study of lunar research flights’ in which the intentions of the Air Force to explode a bomb in the area between the surface that is illuminated by the sun and the dark part. But what were the reasons? According to experts, everything responded to the desire of the United States to demonstrate its weapons power against the Soviet Union, since, after all, these were the years in which the Cold War began to intensify and the space race had just taken off.

A nuclear bomb on the surface of the moon was one of the stupidest things the US government could think of

I don’t know about you but this would not be a good idea for me:

Finally we can deduce that the current world arsenal would not be able to destroy the moon, but I bet you that trying it would be the beginning of our destruction.