Is it true that a “black” samurai existed?

Yes, there is talk of an African slave who became a samurai. in some spaces he is spoken of as a free man, in others as a slave, what is agreed is that he arrived in japan at the side of Alessandro Valignano, seeing him Oda Nobunaga (a powerful warlord) was impressed, he was the first time I saw someone with that skin tone, in addition to his height (1.88 meters).

It is said that he asked to undress and even bathe in his presence to check that he was not “painted”. his height and his strength comparable to that of 10 men made Oda Nobunaga teach him in the arts of bushido, name him a samurai in addition to making him one of his closest bodyguards, at this point he received the name of Yasuke.

Oda Nobunaga died in a fire being betrayed by someone from his personal circle, the courage and strength shown by Yasuke allowed his life to be spared, but they stripped him of the title of samurai, what happened to him after remains a mystery.