Is it true that the Brazilian army has ammunition for just one hour of war?

Is there anyone who still believes this?

Well, if Brazil, for some reason, I like it. Any reason! If a war started immediately, we would have ammunition for only an hour of war, in fact.

(Curiosity! While looking for images to energize everything, I found this pearl. It doesn’t seem to be the Brazilian Army, but it reminds me when the Navy Improvised Explosive Torpedoes during the Locust War. With 1 or 200 hours of ammunition, I think that the Brazilian would find his own way on the battlefields, eh?)

The process of declaring war is not that simple. A country knows when it is prepared for a conflict and when it is not. Brazil has an hour of ammunition for what we call “First Contact”.


Argentina invades Brazil.

Brazil uses its available resources to defend its population and land. These available resources are ammunition stored in the Brazilian Army depots. That 1 hour of ammo is enough. After all, the soldiers will not spend an hour shooting.

As the first soldiers hold the line, the war industry, asleep in the confines of our best-defended states, wakes up. Ammunition, vehicles and, in the most extreme cases, ships begin to be mass-produced, Reserves are summoned, the Military Police greatly reduced in their civil duties, having contingents and resources diverted to the conflict.


Brazil is not an idiot. We have an army of more than 1.5 million men and women. We wouldn’t have the draft if the country couldn’t support its current military. 1 hour of ammo. For the first hour of war.