Is King Kong a threat to Godzilla? Really?

Alert: Message from a Team Godzilla

Kong, by himself?

No kidding.

It is not that Kong is weak, quite the contrary, he is quite strong, but it is that Godzilla is quite resistant, let’s remember that he faced King Gidorah

Besides that Godzilla possesses the atomic breath, while Kong does not possess any of that.

But nevertheless, we are not talking about a fair fight, because he has this ax made from a Gojira dorsal plate, and this is when the king of monsters can be threatened

Not only does it mean that his greatest weapon, the atomic breath, is neutralized, but that it can be used against him, forcing the reptile to get closer to the primate, in a combat method that Kong is used to doing, but Godzilla is not.

So it is not the primate, but its weapon that can be lethal

The question would be, could Godzilla withstand his own atomic breath?