What are psychology’s darkest secrets?

It is easy, very easy to destroy someone psychologically. It is enough to make him feel that he has some control over what happens to him (lack of resources, losses, bitten freedom), or to give him a feeling of disconnection (isolation, exclusion), or to break the consistency between expectations and reality (promises unfulfilled, unrewarded efforts, lack of recognition, constant change).

Mobbing, to name just one, is based on one or more of these deprivations, which must be so many alarm bells for the target.

No one survives psychologically for long without simultaneous and enduring feelings of control, connection, and coherence in their daily lives.

Note in passing that smartphones respond brilliantly, insidiously and purposefully to these three needs, which is why they are so addictive. If smartphones are addictive, it is because they respond favorably to these expectations.