What are some negative facts about human psychology?

  1. Humans are never satisfied. Cursed with eternal greed, they always need more and more, stretching the limits of the giver.
  2. With all the wisdom and intellect they are gifted with, they still don’t know what to do with it. His greatest dream since time immemorial – until today – has been monotonously the same: power, money, women, land, name, fame. That is all…
  3. Fools think they are wise and regard wise men as fools; the wise think that everyone is foolish. over time, when fools realize who is wise and foolish, nothing changes.
  4. Fear is a strange enemy. You can only defeat him when you make him fear you, otherwise you will continue to fear him.
  5. We know that nothing is permanent. Time kills everyone and we have a limited time, still we will fight as if we are permanent. So time and we are both killing each other simultaneously. Incredible!
  6. Love is a great feeling. Great, humans will do anything for it. And the harder they try, the more likely they are to fail.
  7. You can trick your brain in more ways than you can trick your pet.
  8. There are so many amazing similarities between humans and ants! And between humans and bees!!
  9. God/religion is the biggest disappointment. People will do everything in their power to love, obey and respect you, but somehow they still don’t get it and end up doing the complete opposite of what they’ve been told. The funny thing is that they will still believe they are doing the right thing!
  10. The more we try to hold on to something, the further away it seems to be.