What are the worst punishments in the history of mankind?


The bronze bull or the Sicilian bull was the most agonizing punishment technique recorded in the history of mankind. (all poetry)

Imagine a pressure cooker the size of a bathtub. You will be placed inside and the lid will close. A fire is lit below. Soon you will begin to boil in your own sweat and blood. As you scream at the top of your lungs from unspeakable pain inside the bull, your voice will travel through a series of tubes in the bull’s neck and nostrils that would create the bellow of an enraged bull. Music to the ears of the torturer.

The bronze bull was the creative work of the Greeks. I suppose that if the Greeks can give us original thoughts on philosophy and political thought, laying the foundation in the Western world for democratic practices, they will also bless us with the most horrible practices that make “deposition and plumage” and the “milk and honey” are child’s play. It is said that when the hatch was reopened, the charred victim’s bones often gleamed like “jewels”.

Phalaris was the tyrant of parts of modern Sicily two and a half millennia ago. Phalaris, who was a cannibal, is said to have been unparalleled in cruelty. He has reportedly eaten live “infant babies”. According to ancient Greek historians, Phalaris was constantly seeking new forms of torture to “strike fear in the hearts of his enemies.” Falaris was pleased when Perillos de Atenas presented her with the bronze bull. The irony, though, is that Phalaris ordered the creator of the bronze bull, Perillos, to go inside the bull to see if it worked!

Note : Some revisionist historians claim that the bronze bull was just propaganda by Phalaris’s opponents to show the Greek how bad an evil dictator he can be.


Here is a photo of the actual bronze bull in the Museo de la Tortura.


Imagine a rat stuck to your belly, eating your skin, nibbling, trying to make a hole to get into your intestines, like Neo’s stomach bug.

The victim was tied up and a small animal cage was tied to her stomach. A rat was placed inside the cage before heat was applied to the cage, so that the rat, trying to escape the deadly heat, brushed against the victim’s entrails to hide.

Among other places, this torture technique was allegedly carried out in Brazil during the military regime in the 60-80s.

Additionally, human rights groups have documented at least one case in which a Chilean woman was tortured by intelligence forces in 1981. The victim was placed in a room full of live rats during interrogation, which had at least threatened the suspect with rat torture. . (Museum of torture)


In her memoir “Hakka Soul”, the Chinese poet and writer Woon-Ping Chin talks about Japanese soldiers who apply this method of torture against their own family.

The bamboo plant has a typical growth rate of 4 centimeters in an hour. Now imagine that you are plagued by a growing bamboo shoot stuck in your anus and other parts. In a few hours, in which he will be tortured for being so tight, the growing plant will push him up with pointed spikes until his skin and limbs stretch like skin stretched to form a drum. The spears then begin to pummel you and enter your body, giving you slow, agonizing pain for hours or days. Typically, it would take a day or more for the victim to die, suffering endless pain that would make the screams of your soul reach the heavens. (Rebelcircus)


The vicious part of sawing through the middle is that you are turned upside down so that your head has a constant flow of blood and oxygen, so you are conscious as long as possible of feeling the pain of the saw teeth penetrating the part. lower body from crotch.


It may or may not be one of the worst top tortures, but I’m listing it here because I have a personal story about it. Detailing is removing the victim’s nails with pliers. Oh. The communist-backed government in Afghanistan during the latter stages of the Cold War used this torture technique against mujahideen rebels. It was done to extract information to capture more rebels. I was very young at the time, but thinking about it broke my spirit. (top images)

Some scholars don’t believe that all of this unspeakable torture has occurred in the past, without seeing evidence, but given what humans do today, I not only believe that it did happen, but that something worse has gone unreported.