What do you think was the worst execution method in history?

The most terrible methods of execution in history.


The death penalty has existed in virtually all human civilizations. From Ancient Greece, where barbarians (foreigners) who were traitors to the polis were executed. Going through the Middle Ages.

Here you have the 4 most brutal death sentences, but the last one!!! No comment 😰

crush by elephant

The technique used in Asia, mainly in India, was aimed at death and public ridicule. It consisted of throwing the condemned man in front of an elephant so that the latter, feeling threatened, would brutally attack him, causing him a slow, painful and humiliating death.

The saw

This is, in my opinion, the most brutal method of execution, the most terrible and brutal that exists. Bloodthirsty and painful in a way you can’t even imagine, as well as humiliating and degrading. The technique consists of hanging the person upside down with their legs open and slowly begin to cut them in half until reaching the head. Of course the person dies much earlier, bled to death.


If you thought the saw was the most brutal method, maybe you were wrong. Flaying or skinning consisted of removing every inch of the person’s skin Slow, unimaginably painful, bloodthirsty and inhumane way to execute an individual. Death occurs mainly by bleeding.

The wheel

Brutal method used during the Middle Ages, mainly in Sweden, Holland, Italy, Germany and France. It was more of a torture method where the executed suffers terrible pain. It consisted of breaking all the bones of the extremities of the person, avoiding injuring him to death. After breaking all his bones and dislocating all his joints, tie him to a wheel and let him die.

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  • July 26, 2022 at 11:01 am

    These are indeed brutal. Yet relatively quick compared to ‘boating’. A technique in which a convict was tied to a boat and sent up the lake while he was being fed a mixture of milk and honey, which resulted in unstoppable diarrhea. The bugs that were atracted by this began feeding on him. After about three days of excruciating pain the convict became delirious and ultimately died.

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