What does the inside of the wheel well of a C-17 Globemaster aircraft look like? Is there any chance that someone inside will survive when the wheel closes?

It looks like this:

This view, a little further down:

And here below, where the wheels are:

As can be seen, the C-17 landing gear well has a number of mechanisms, rods and hydraulic actuators that allow the wheels to be retracted into the well. In particular, the wheel assembly rotates 90 degrees as it enters the shaft, leaving very little space for a person, if any, a matter known only to aircraft designers.

The possibility of being crushed by the retractable mechanisms of the wheel is very high. In case it manages to position itself at some point when the wheels retract, there is the issue of the environment in which the plane travels, which is at high altitudes where temperatures are freezing and oxygen is very scarce. The vast majority of people who have attempted this on other aircraft have perished. In other words, the chance of surviving at those flying heights is extremely low. I’m not saying it’s null because there have been cases where people who tried this made it out alive.