What is something that nobody seems to take into account in a zombie apocalypse?

That the humans would be the ones attacking the zombies.

Armed forces and soldiers in zombie movies often stand still, while zombies are the mobile force attacking our defenses.

But there is one thing I have learned from military history: Humans will go to great lengths to annihilate their enemies.

We will do the following:

  1. Cross the Alps to attack our enemies.

2. Sail the seven seas to attack our enemies.

3. Assault the beaches to attack our enemies.

you understand. Our soldiers will not stand by behind the barricades while the population is murdered in the cities. We would hunt those creatures, without mercy. However, in all zombie movies we see this:

Soldiers setting up absurd barricades and waiting to be devoured. Waiting in defense position is not our style. We pursue our enemies and disarm them before they reach us. This also means that a huge horde of zombies could never be formed. Any group of more than 100 zombies would be a big target that we would seek out and immediately destroy. This, of course, implies that we have the means to locate and kill 100 zombies. This brings me to the second part of my answer;

We have been able to stop a zombie scenario for hundreds of years.

A zombie has a very simple set of weapons available. It’s basically a set of teeth and nails. Imagine: You’re a zombie who (doesn’t) live in the year 1235. You’ve just infected an entire town and you’re feeling pretty good about it. You and your new friends are now heading to the city to infect more people. Just before you reach the city, you hear the stomping of hooves. These bad boys want to talk to you:

They might bite a horse, but that would be the most damage they could do. There is very little a zombie can do against an armored knight. His teeth won’t pierce thick chain mail. There will be some weak spot, but try to find it with a zombie brain versus a knight wielding a sword or spear. Besides, a zombie couldn’t even bite into a gambeson.

It’s also funny to imagine how zombies would fare against these guys:

So what would happen in the modern age?

We would locate zombies using spy planes and drones. We would get into our armored vehicles and look for them. We’d riddle them with a bit of artillery, killing most of them. The others could hide in buildings. So, we’d put on our giant suit, pick out a machine gun, go into the building and take out all the fucking undead. They would have nothing to do.

Basically the archenemy of every zombie movie.