What scenes from the Harry Potter books shouldn’t have been left out of the movies?

I’ve been waiting to say this for so long

This scene:

credit to the amazing artist who drew this (don’t know his name)

I love this scene! Not only is it adorable, but it has a lot of content.

I always thought Ginny didn’t have enough scenes. They cut out a lot of them and portrayed her as the weak girl who had a crush on Harry and eventually caught him. Some people even suggest that she used manipulation and love potions on her, or that Harry just married her to bond with Ron and Hermione and have real connections with the Weasleys, whom he loved very much.


Ginny is strong, brave, and everything any of the main characters are. I feel like this scene, and the other scenes in HBP of them dating should have been there. There were a couple of pages where Ginny and Harry were dating and everyone knew about it, and a scene where everyone was talking and Ginny was leaning against Harry’s legs or something.

Hinny fans (Harry x Ginny) would have loved it!

Let’s face it, somewhere deep down everyone knows this scene would have been cute.