What was the first civilization in the world?

The Sumerian Civilization

In the region of Mesopotamia, where the Trigris and Euphrates rivers meet, it was the cradle of the first human civilization: the Sumerians. By about 3,000 BC, the region’s first metropolises had been built, including Eridu, Nippur, Lagash, Kish, and Uruk. 

The Sumerians were pioneers in the fields of agriculture, literature, and mathematics. Thanks to the ingenuity they possessed, they managed to amass a power unimaginable for the time. In addition, the Sumerians were ingenious in managing the waters of the Tigris and Euphrates so that their crops did not dry out during the summer. By having crops for longer, the population grew. 

Tablet with cuneiform writing; the type of writing used by the Sumerians.

Ziggurat of Ur, one of the few Sumerian temples that have survived over the years.

Marduk, Sumerian and Babylonian god