Who has been one of the most mysterious historical figures in the world?

In my opinion, this woman was dubbed by the CIA as “The Babushka Lady”. Despite looking like a normal woman, she is not, as she was a direct witness to one of the most iconic moments in history, the assassination of JFK.

But why so much interest in this woman?

The first thing to know is that she was present during the attack in which President John F. Kennedy lost his life. Not only that, but several direct witnesses have stated that she was carrying a camera and that she was recording. The footage from that camera can be very useful to authorities as the woman was at an angle where the perpetrator could potentially have been seen or at least revealed some additional clues.

So you may be wondering: what did the police find in the footage?

And there is the detail, this woman was never identified. She was never heard from again, nor her identity. After a few years, a woman appeared on television saying that she was “the lady with the babushka”, but the police found many inconsistencies with her testimony and determined that she was lying.

It was never known who this woman was, they never identified her, neither her name nor why she was in that place at the time the events occurred is known. The police do not know why at the time of the attack while everyone was running, she was still recording. The only thing we know about her is that her camera contains footage that could solve one of the biggest mysteries in history.