Who has been the most miserable and saver millionaire in history?

Easy, by far the two millionaire brothers, Maurice and Harrold King, these two brothers spent their entire lives in misery, their lifestyle was so famous that it gave rise to many stories about them.

These two brothers lived in an eccentric way, but not as you imagine, they lived on a ranch, and owned land that had a total value of 6 million dollars, although they knew it, they simply did not care.

They lived in a cabin where there was no electricity or water.

Harold and Maurice never received any school education, teaching themselves everything they needed to learn from reading, carpentry, ranching to buying and selling the land where they made all their money.

These brothers lived in the same conditions from the time they were born until they died.

Many people called them crazy, saying that they were wasting their money living in those conditions, and to be honest, I think they lived as they wanted, they were wiser than people think.

These two brothers are the most frugal millionaires I have ever met, they simply wanted to continue amassing a fortune, a fortune that they left behind, since they never used it.