Why do cockroaches turn upside down with insecticide?

For you to tickle them…

A rigor mortis doesn’t respect postures, it always appears and doesn’t knock on the door before entering, that’s why “where I catch you I’ll kill you” here is not literal but a factual fact.

For starters, in their natural environment, these insects – of which there are more than 4,000 species – rarely die of old age. They are often the lunch of other small animals (lizards, spiders or scorpions) or birds that feed on insects.

The real reason for stretching the leg looking at the sky (flat) is due precisely to the action of the insecticide, which, by causing a muscle spasm, turns them over. Most of the poisons used work by inhibiting an enzyme called cholinesterase that catalyzes a neurotransmitter known as acetylcholine. An excess of this chemical substance affects the nervous system of the cockroach, which loses muscle coordination and therefore remains upside down, unable to turn around.

Depending on the type of insecticide (which is used less), there are those that act more slowly, attacking respiration. In these cases, it is possible for the cockroach to die upside down, as God intended, when it stops moving due to the lack of energy caused by running out of air.